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Love, Marriage and Problems

At the point of disclosing the fact of love on somebody, the parents may blame the boy or a girl and the neighbours point their fingers at the parents for not having reared them up properly. The blame game continues for long. Their horoscopes indicate the type of marriage they are going to have – be it traditionally arranged or love.

Hindus trust the incarnations or birth cycle.True Love indulgence never happen for all in the globe. We see intercasteand inter religious love. There must be a bond continues from the past life. The past link may be permanent or temporary. Studying the horoscope and dasa period of boy and girl will give the idea of longevity of their binding. The favourable dasa will chime a wedding bell for the lovers. Of course we know that ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’

For whom Love marriage is Possible


In a horoscope when fifth lord and seventh lord are together (or) in a link, they will involve in love and get together.


What attracts each other


There are a lot of factors that attract lovers.  Important factors are Birth Stars, Planets in one’s horoscope and dasa bukthi of both.


Why Some Love marriage breaks


Dasa bukthi period of Separative Planets like Rahu, sani will affect the happiness of marriage life. Even love marriages can fail. Proper Pariharas can save their life.


About Inter-Caste Love marriage

When Rahu or Ketu is linked with Lagna, Chandra or Running Dasa then they get attracted by one whom does not belong to their community.


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