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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.

Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.


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Question:venkateshwarlu:Yellareddy ;Dist: Kamaredddy; Telangana: [M-12-09-1976/5.45 AM/Bellampalli/Adilabad/Telangana] When will I get Government Job? Will I get or not?
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - Not indicating in this period
Question:Saurav:Delhi: [M-07-11-1985/4:45am/Kanpur UP] Lots of problem regrding domeatic peace , my wife and my family along with lots of financial problems i dnt have a job looking for a gov job
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - Improvement indicates on next month
Question:Ridhi Bansal:Delhi: [F-23-12-1989/2:29 AM/Delhi ] When will I find the boy who will marry me?
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - after feb 2018
Question:suman:Atlanta: [F-04-02-1984/22:20/karnal/ Haryana] I left the country 8 years ago and I could not get the same level of job as I used to work. ll I grow professionally to good height as I am capable off.
Answer:Poorvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - expect from next year
Question:Subha Saha:KOLKATA: [M-23-04-1993/11.15 AM/kolkata] Sir please tell me about my career I am worry about it.
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - Wait for 2 months
Question:Varun chopra:Panipat: [M-13-071992/11:45 pm/Haryana] For my carrier what is Right can I get government job
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - possible
Question:Shreya Patil:Porvorim Goa: [F-18-09-1989/1.22 am/Margao Goa] When will i clear my Company secretary Exams. I am having no luck or should i venture into another feild? I am feeling frustrated as i am not abke to acheive my goals. plz help
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - Try next year
Question:yogesh:satara: [M-19/11/1980/07.30 p.m/satara] please tell about my marraige life. its going worst nowdays
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - Try to balance for one year
Question:Neha :Delhi: [F-07-02-1988/5:45pm /Delhi] I want to know the marriage compatibility of the below details of boy with me. Boy details 21 august 1985 time 1 :35pm place Delhi
Answer:For Match Making consult astrologer
Question:Divya :Noida: [F-19-08-1981/12:45 pm/Lucknow] When will I get married?
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - perform Kalathra dosha pooja
Question:Abhisek Kumar:asansol: [M-09/10/1987/08:25 PM/Asansol,west bengal] is any chance of getting government job ? when will i get stability in career
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - Will get a good job
Question:Manpreet Kaur:Dehradun: [F-15.03.1989/1P.M/Dehradun] Marriage kab hogi..
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - Possible in this year
Question:Jitender Pathak:New Delhi: [M-30/11/1981/12:45(AM)/Delhi] Hi i just want to know when i will get married?
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Try to clear Kuja Dosha by doing Pariharas
Question:Mohit Saini:Unnao: [M-04+09-1997/11:45 AM/Unnao] Sir meri government job kb tk lagegi
Answer:Hastham star - Virgo moon sign - in 2 months
Question:surbhi mahajan:Jammu : [F-09-04-1993/7:35/Jammu ] when will my life changes is when will I get job
Answer:Visaka star - Libra moon sign - good period starts from 2019
Question:preeti walia:kaithal: [F-29-12-1988/12pm/kaithal/haryana] will i get government job?
Answer:Purvapalguni star - Leo moon sign - Try job in a distant place and you can get
Question:ANSUMAN BOSE :Bhubaneswar : [M-12april 1976 /5-15am/Cuttack ] Sir i got married in jan 2014. My wife's date of birth is 18feb1985 @3-20pm in Bhubaneswar. We were blessed with a baby girl in march2015. Since then my wife is staying in her mother's place. Its almost two n half year we are living separ
Answer:Both belong to Enemity Rasi. Try compromise
Question:Poonam solanki:Mumbai: [F-23-04-1984/05.30pm/Mumbai-Maharashtra ] When will I get married
Answer:Sravana star - Capricorn moon sign - Try abroad alliance
Question:Jay prakash:Lucknow: [M-01-07-1989/3:00 AM/Lakhimpur kheri. UP] when will i get govt job?
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - Now period is favourable; try and you will get

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