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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.

Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.


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Question:SASWATA:KOLKATA: [M-05-02-1984/09:00/NABADWIP] Can I get a better job to go to abroad and will it be a successful one?
Question:Vijayasanthi:Cuddalore: [F-06-07-1994/1.35PM/Cuddalore, Tamilnadu] Do I get married to the person I love now?
Question:Anami K:Guwahati: [F-14-12-1992/10.00 A.M/Guwahati ,Assam] When will I be able to get a good govt.job?
Question:Sanjay jain:Bundi: [M-30-12-1978/18:08/Dhowara Bundi rajasthan] I want to know about my business and love life. When it will be stable or will change business .I work in Mandi
Question:Priyanka behera:Bhubaneswar: [F-25.6.1993/10.15/Jaipur odisha] I am suffering from mental problem, how long l will be suffer from mental disorder
Question:simran:calcutta: [F-10061981/4:12am/calcutta] when will my financial condition get ok?
Answer:Uthrapalguni star, Virgo moon sign - Guru dasa starts after one year. That will improve.
Question:Shiloa:Bangalore: [F-25/7/1983/5:13am/Bangalore] I like to know when do I get married do I get good life partner and his profession
Answer:Uthrashada star, Capricorn moon sign - Guru dasa has started. Do Guru Pooja and you will get a good life partner soon.
Question:Ramya Tulasi:Malikipuram,east Godavari : [F-19-12-1994/2:10 a.m/Razole,east Godavari , Andhra Pradesh] When I will get married
Answer:Arudhra star, Gemini moon sign - Perform Sarpa dosha pooja, mahalakshmi pooja for a smooth life.
Question:Maitreyee Phatak:Pune, Maharashtra: [F-10/02/1995/10:44 am/Pune, Maharashtra] I m working in a company and wanted to resign as soon as possible. I recently got offer letter from another company but package is not much and it is far from my hometown. What should I do?
Answer:Krithika star - Taurus moon sign - Distant places will not be suitable for you. Wait for sometime and you will get.
Question:Rohit Kunal:Bengaluru: [M-01-08-1984/11:25 AM/Muzaffarpur/Bihar] When will I get married?
Answer:Uthrapalguni star - Virgo moon sign - Kuja bukthi will start from September, it will favour your marriage.
Question:Apoorva gupta:Delhi: [F-02/02/1993/2.05 am /Delhi] Will my marriage survive as i am facing lot of problems, please provide the remedies please
Answer:Rohini star - Taurus moon sign - Asthma sani is in peak now. Worship Lord Sriram on Saturdays.
Question:Beant kaur:Jagraon: [F-09/07/1993/12:30 pm/Jagraon Ludhiana punjab] When will I marry it will love or arrange. Pls tell me about my career. Thanks
Answer:Purvabadra star - Aquarius moon sign - Arranged Marriage is indicated after one year.
Question:Chandana:Hyderabad: [F-05-10-1990/08:10 am/Malkajgiri] About my life in horrinble condition and my job
Answer:Revathi star - Pisces moon sign - Neecha Dasa is running - Chant Adhithya Hridayam once in the morning.
Question:Swetha :Kannur: [F-8-5-1991/2.45 pm/Bangalore/Karnataka] Please let me know when can I stay with my husband.Almost 5 years getting married, still because of his mom and sis behaviour ,we not getting chance to stay together.Now he is going to Qatar,What I will do
Answer:Sathabisha star - Aquarius moon sign - Sani dasa will start from 2021, that will give you happiness. Worship Lord Ganapathi regularly, it will give you peace.

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