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The present life is the result of Good or Bad things done in PREVIOUS BIRTH.

Our Happiness is the result of a Good Deed and Sufferings are due to our Bad Act in the past.


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Question:vinod:kottayam: [M-13-07-1981/7.30 am/kottayam] when will i get married?
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - Do sarapa Santhi pooja
Question:Amit:Jodhpur: [M-26-1-1988/7:30Pm/sojat] when will i get win court case on house
Answer:Barani star - Aries moon sign - After Kuja dasa it is positive
Question:Kavita dewangan:Durg Chhattisgarh: [F-03-10-1988/05:00am/Durg] When will I get married and how will I know he is the right one ??
Answer:Arudhra star - Gemini moon sign - Do Kuja dosha pooja
Question:vinayak kumar:Hyderabad: [M-30-01-1981/9.50 AM/Telengana] marriage delay. Though many alliances are recd. not getting finalized.
Answer:Anuradha star - Scorpio moon sign - some compromise is required.
Question:priyanka Dattatray shinde :belpimpalgaon : [F-1999-12-5/10/newasa /maharashtra ] meri shadi kab hogi
Answer:Swathi star - Libra moon sign - Marriage after Aug 2020
Question:DHIVYA S:ayanavaram: [F-24/05/1989/15.10 /chennai] when will i get married pls
Answer:Purvashada star - Sagittarius moon sign - Possible after August
Question:meenakshi soni:jaipur: [F-03-09-1986/11:48 am/rewa madhya pradesh] i want to know about my marriage its love or arrange if i want to do love marriege so its good or bad for my futur
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon star - Arranged marriage is good
Question:Mohit Chhatwani:Udaipur : [M-25/12/1983/12.40 am/Udaipur ] My wife is suffering from depression and she keeps on arguing with my mother and my marriage life is also not going good I want to ask whether she will come on track
Answer:Makam star - Leo moon sign - for 2 years this will continue
Question:Avnish Gandhi:delhi: [M-17-11-1979/3:36 pm/delhi] hello sir/mamdam my business is not running well from past 3 years, pls tell will it flourish?? n when
Answer:Chithrai star - Libra moon sign - Improvement from July
Question:sowmyashree HV:Bangalore: [F-26-10-1996/7 pm/Bangalore/Karnataka] when do I become an actress
Answer:Aswini star - Aries moon sign - Opportunities from 2019
Question:Reena Dalai:Balugaon: [F-19/12/1989/2:22 am/Khordha Odisha] when will I get married? why is my marriage getting delayed

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