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Astrologer Yogi K. Yogi - practising Astrology more than Two decades. He Applies Vedic & Western Astrology Techniques. He has done Thousands of Case Studies. His Marriage Match Analysing methods are Excellent. He is conducting Astrology Classes thro SAI INSTITUTE OF ASTROLOGY. Also he is doing Numerology. Vaasthu & Feng-shui consultations.

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Marriage Matching *Star Matching Chart *Stars to be avoided *Important Check List *Star Calculations (Pathu Porutham) *Rahu/Ketu Dosha *Fixing Muhurtham *Love Marriage
Articles: *Dosha of Modern Women *What is Karma *Venus x Mars *Homam/Yagam *Dreams Forecast
Free Services: *Free Astrologer Advice
Career Astrology: *Cinema, Modelling *Rich - Luxury *Cricket Players *Pop Singers *Doctors, Surgeons *Judges *Pilots *Sailors *Dancers *Painters *Politicians *Chef *Fashion Designer *Interior Decorator *Writers *Chartered Accountants 
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